What many old homes lack is some sort of a mud room. They have front entrances that go right into the living room or dining room, or even a dramatic foyer; this is not where you want muddy shoes left. This family decided to enclose their existing front porch to create a new mud room, and have a porch that they can use and still have some privacy. Using storm windows and a storm door, this porch can still be opened completely should they ever decide to open it up completely again. Once the top boards were removed we reinforced the deck to take care of some “dips” in the floor, we then insulated the floor and installed a subfloor that we covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting. The walls were constructed and insulated to help create a barrier between the weather and the home walls, and installed the windows. The exterior of the room we covered with a vinyl siding to match the existing. The old wood stairs were replaced with a natural color composite decking and matching rails.