This three season room in Grand Ledge features some children-friendly windows, which is perfect for the subdivision location. The “glass” in these windows is a pliable vinyl that never cracks or shatters. The vinyl can be stretched to conform to whatever is placing pressure on it, and when released will go back to its normal state. These panels have four sections to them that can slide to give you more options as to how much air to let in. The vinyl comes in different shades as well allowing you to adjust how much light you want to come in. The vinyl sections are fully removable in case you want to turn the room in to a screen room. The aluminum ceiling and trims allow for the room to be exposed to weather without being damaged. The indoor/outdoor carpeting gives the room a cozy feeling without having to worry about leaving windows open. This room is a great middle ground if you can’t decide whether to go with a screen room or a four season room.