Being a past customer, when this homeowner wanted a three season room she knew who to call. Her family repeatedly told her not to add on since it was only her in the home, but she knew she needed to have one. We used some of the existing deck framing that she had there and reinforced it to hold the structure. This room is at a second story level with decks on both sides of it. Originally it was planned for a white ceiling, but near the end they decided a pickled-pine ceiling would look better and we couldn’t agree more. With a small gas stove and the pickled-pine, this room has great warmth to it. This homeowner was looking to add more space to her dining room without spending too much money and a cathedral ceiling three season room was the perfect way to do that. In the less than two months since the room has been completed, this homeowner has had six dinner parties just to show off her new room! This homeowner was concerned when just Bob and his son showed up on that wintry first day to do this project but when they left a mere six weeks later and she had a fully completed three season room, deck, and a new roof on the entire home she was sad to see them leave.