The goal of this couple was to create a large area where they could have family get-togethers.  By removing the center cabinets, knocking out the knee wall, and squaring off the dining room with a 10×10 addition, we created a large open living area perfect for all of their family to use.  The new wood floor creates an easy to clean surface throughout the entire space that allows the grandchildren to run their race cars on.  The light finished wood cabinets offer excess storage and keep the space bright.  The countertop and backsplash are both made of Corian and create a easy to clean surface for any spills or splatters.  The large island counter space makes a perfect spot for the family to gather, prep or serve food on, or even play games on.  The matching of the crown-molding with the cabinetry trim required us to custom-cut the trim to fit snuggly with one another.