So many homes have a second story with a sloped ceiling that they would like to have a full bathroom in but just do not know how to go about doing it.  This bathroom is a great example of how to use the shape of the room to your advantage.  This bathroom needed a facelift and needed help using the space wisely.  Our designer came up with a few tricks that would make the ceiling height feel as though it was not an obstacle.  With placing the vanity mirror right at the height where the started to slant the room suddenly feels normal height and hides the slope.  Adding a second, taller, dry vanity gave this family added storage space and used up empty space.  The shower was re-faced with a unique ceramic tile layout that distracts you from the fact that the ceiling slopes.  Adding a new tub and toilet added to the update, as well as the tiled floor. The unique full glass door with a tree design allowed light to flow between the rooms adding to the openness of the room.